No you’re pretty down to earth, it wasn’t weird. Not much. Do British people celebrate Thanksgiving?

Sick then. No, unless the family itself celebrates it but no… Happy thanksgiving though.


I was just joking hahaha. For the hug it is then. What are you up to lately, Styles?

Don’t make me feel guilty like that. Nothing much, you?

Come be the Cher to my Harry... Please?


I felt that way everytime we interacted, Mr. Styles.

Well I really am sorry because this is weighing in my brain. For future reference, go for the hug.

My anxiety over misreading the famous handshake-or-hug moment takes way too much space in my brain than it should do.

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You get me a puppy.


Maybe, only if I feel like it though.


You’re no fun Harold! Perfect those are just what I wanted, thanks Santa! 

Guilty as charged. No probs.



Ugh you’re no fun at all! But its more fun bugging you for this kind of information. Umm… a pony.. an easy bake oven and a malibu barbie dream car! 

Im not that way out, that’s all. But no matter how much you bug me, you’ll never find out from me. I’ll get you a toy pony, an oven for a dolls house and a barbies car.



I dont want to know the dirty details, you can keep those to yourself. But telling me said shes into santa wouldn’t be bad at all! Because Santa gives people gifts, if you take on that role then you’re expected to do is job.

But that can be classed as dirty details, you’re better asking her if you wanna know so badly. Ok, so what would you like?